Decisive Moments

New Orleans uses photography to create maps of time. These are not descriptions of space but the temperal topography of moments. I use the camera frame to parse the field of time into polygons of experiences. These prints are intended to be read and examined. They're daydreams of a lost observer.

Each fragment is shot with a hand-held camera without seeing the whole picture through its viewfinder. Relying on intuition I anticipate the next moment that will make sense to the entire image that forms inside of me. Sequences take as long as twenty minutes or as fast as I can crank the film advance lever. All the while I keep my left eye to the viewfinder registering one image to the next. It feels like a long stare I cannot disengage until the episode passes. A petite mal.

New Orleans is simply a place -- Mardi Gras marches in step and to the rhythm of oblivion, while desperately trying to hold onto its past with ritual, ceremony and pagentry. In this repressed culture on parade ready to foam over, I lose myself in the crowd and allow it to carry me away. As I swim up stream and down the streets, I am able move back and forth across time with my left eye.

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